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Rava Idli Recipe with Eno – Instant Rava Idli Recipe with Curd

Making your own idlis at home is a beautiful thing. In fact, I dream of always having homemade idli dosa batter in the refrigerator all the time but that’s sadly not the case. I do buy and stock MTR rava idli mixes but it’s not something I default to often. While I love rava dosa and the ease of making instant rava dosa at home, there’s something to be said about being able to pour ladles of batter into a mould and just letting it steam away while you settle down with a book or just unwind from the day. Oh, I should probably mention that I almost always make these instant rava idlis for dinner rather than breakfast.

I have actually shared a recipe for rava idli before but this is a new and improved version that works so well that I actually make them about about once a month now for a weeknight dinner. If you make a large batch, you can even refrigerate the cooked idlis and lightly steam them the next day for breakfast (the batter can be stored before adding eno too, but I haven’t tried this myself). Total win!

Just for the cuteness factor, I used the mini idli mould stand that my mom in law gifted me and made a batch of mini rava idlis. Dunked in a bowl of sambar, they make the easiest and cutest breakfast (or dinner) ever. If you don’t own a mini idli mould, I’d urge you to remedy that as soon as possible. My mom used to pack these for my tiffin when in school and making this small batch myself brought back so many memories from years ago.

While sambar and coconut chutney are great combinations for idli and rava idli alike, I love mine with onion tomato chutney. Try it!

Check here if you are looking for how to make soft idlis. I’ve even included loads of tips and tricks.


Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 10 minutes
Makes ~ 12 idlis

1.5 cups of rava (semolina)
1 cup of curds (plain yogurt)
1/2 tsp of black mustard seeds
1 tsp of chana dal (soaked in water for 10 mins)
1/2 tsp of urad dal (optional)
A few curry leaves
1 tbsp of oil
1.5 tsp of eno salt (plain, unflavoured)
1/2 tsp of salt or as needed
2 tsp of roasted cashew nuts (optional)
1/4 cup of peas (fresh or frozen, optional)


1. Heat oil and add the mustard seeds. When they pop, add the chana dal, urad dal, and curry leaves. Fry until dals turn golden.

2. Add the rava to this along with the peas, if using. Add salt and mix well.

3. Now turn off the flame and add the curds and 1 cup water.

Mix well to form a thick batter.

Get your idli moulds ready and lightly rub or spray with oil. Keep some water ready for steaming in whatever container you are using (pressure cooker, idli cooker, etc) and make sure it’s hot before proceeding with the batter.

4. When you are ready to steam, add the eno salt to the rava idli batter.

5. The eno salt will bubble and fizz a bit when added to the batter. This is good. This is what will aerate your rava idlis and make them soft and spongy.

6. Mix lightly and immediately pour in the idli moulds. If you are steaming the idlis in batches, add eno only to the batch you are going to steam and then add the rest before the next batch goes on for steaming.

Steaming time will vary depending on your idli mould and size. I usually require about 10 mins. If you want, you can add a roasted cashew nut to the bottom of each idli mould dent before pouring the batter.

Serve hot with  Kerala sambar, green coconut chutney, and tomato onion chutney.

Note: you can replace eno salt with baking soda for similar results.

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